About Us 

Dear WNY Customers,
We are excited to say Hello and welcome you to our web site.  Who are we?  We are an independent distributor intent on selling “fun” products.  They range from everything in a concession stand to a thoughtful unique gift you’d like to send to a loved one, friend, or business associate.  We’re not fancy. We don’t spend a ton making our warehouse look nice, we prefer to just keep our prices reasonable and offer top quality goods.  We are the FUN FOOD PEOPLE, bringing smiles to everyone we sell to. 

As a small, locally owned business we shout out “Support Local”.  For our friends who aren’t local, we offer daily UPS, US Post Office Shipping.

Thanks for your time and we hope to be of service both now and in the future!


Life to Busy?  Shop Locally.  “Pop” in and say Hi, a bag of popcorn awaits you!